Tuttnauer New Face will show up soon: EZPlus Sterilizer

The New Face: EZPlus sterilizers from Tuttnauer, is really a new, advanced sterilizer. Probably so far, is the best in the market. It is fully automatic, completely free the employee, PLUS: Networking Ready. Its USB port gives customers to backup existing settings, to download last 100 cycle history, to export machine cycles for remote trouble-shooting, etc. Its RJ45 port gives customers an opportunity to remotely control their sterilizers through Network. Amazing features for users to monitor their sterilizers remotely.

It does not come with vacuum, but it does come with positive "pulse" mode, which make sure its chamber to get high percentage of pure steam than traditional "Bellow" or "Steam Trap" to push its chamber air out.

In sum, EZPlus is not a Plus version, it is totally completely New Generation sterilizer for future. Your will like it.

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