Hirayama HVA-85 Sterilizer

Hirayama HVA-85 top load Sterilizer no dry without basket
Manufacturer: Hirayama Sterilizers
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Hirayama HVA-85 top load Sterilizer no dry without basket, Portable Top-Loading Autoclaves with Cooling Fan and Advanced Safety and User-Friendly Features

Space-saving design with lid opening upward.
Standard built-in cooling fan for faster post- sterilization cooling.
Dual lid safety interlock prevents lid opening when a cycle is in progress, the chamber is pressurized, or the temperature exceeds 97°C.
Agar sterilization mode sterilizes agar, and then automatically keeps it warm to prevent it from solidifying.
One-touch lever to easily open and close chamber lid.
Agar melting mode for rapidly melting agar and then automatically maintaining it at liquid temperature, or for a hot and faster start-up.
Door-closure sensor prevents a cycle from starting unless the door is closed properly.
In-process display shows the status and the progress of sterilization cycle.
HVA-85: 85 liters, 16.5" D x 24.2" H
HVA-110: 110 liters, 16.5" D x 31.3" H

Operating Range
105ºC to 135ºC
Display Range
Agar Warming Range
After sterilization, agar can be maintained from 45ºC to 60ºC
(programmable) to prevent coagulation for up to 20 hours.
Maximum Allowable
38 psi (0.26MPa)
Operating Range
3 to 30 psi (0.021 to 0.206MPa)
1 to 250 minutes
Overall (W x D x H)
26.0"" x 25.6" x 39.4"
(66 cm x 65 cm x 100 cm)
26.0" x 25.6" x 46.4" in
(66 cm x 65 cm x 118cm)
(Diameter x Height)
85 liters
16.5" x 24.2" (42.0 cm x 61.5 cm)
110 liters
16.5" x 31.3" (42.0 cm x 79.5 cm)
Dual-sensing lid interlock, over-pressure power cutoff, over-temperature power cutoff, low-water power cutoff, mechanical pressure relief valve, microprocessor-controlled pressure relief valve, lid-closure detector, over-current detector and circuit breaker
1. For agar
Heating -> Sterilization -> Auto steam exhaust or ambient cooling (programmable) -> Warming -> Completion
2. For liquids
Heating -> Sterilization -> Auto steam exhaust or ambient cooling (programmable) -> Completion
3. For solids
Heating -> Sterilization -> Auto exhaust (fast) -> Completion
Stainless steel
Mesh wire baskets, buckets (pails), and round test tube racks
Factory or field installed
Data logger
208V / 220V / 240V, 50 / 60 Hz, single phase
3000 watts (3000VA)
4000 watts (4000VA)
282 lb (128 kg)
308 lb (140 kg)
Products specifications
Sterilizer Type Automatic Sterilizer
Vacuum Pump No
Sterilzier Power Current 15A
Dry Mode No
Loading Methods Top Load (Vertical)
Color Beige
Type of Heating Element Internal Heating Element
Type of Door Hinge Door
Sterilizer High Temperature 275F (134C)
Sterilizer Dimension 26.0" x 25.6" x 39.4" (660mm x 650mm x 100omm)
Sterilizer Door Size 17 inches
Sterilizer Chamber Depth 24 inches
Sterilizer Chamber Volume 22 Gal/85 L
Sterilizer Power Voltage 220V Single Phase
Sterilizer Program 1. For Agar, 2. For Liquid, 3. For Solid
Printer Option
Warranty Parts and Labor 1 year
Laboratory Customer Yes
Industry Customer Yes
Government Customer Yes
Tattoo, Beauty Salon Customer No
Medical Doctor No
Dentist Customer No
ISO Certificate Yes
FDA Certificate No
CE Certificate Yes